Airstrike Hits Suspected Bandits’ Hideout in Nasarawa

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By Muhammadu Sabiu 

A bombing that is thought to be an airstrike hit a community in the Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa, killing at least 40 people on Wednesday.

The suspected target of the explosion were allegedly bandits who had been terrorizing locals in the Nasarawa and Benue state border regions.

It was still unknown if the explosion was carried out by military troops, but sources indicated that it was tied to the alleged terrorist attack that had been occurring near the borders of Nasarawa and Benue.

Mr. Yusuf Lawal, the state commissioner for information, culture, and tourism, confirmed the incident, noting that the government was aware.

He said, “The deputy governor, Dr Emmanuel Akabe, was deployed to the area; there were casualties, but I cannot ascertain them because they are still undisclosed for now; the deputy will brief the governor when he comes back.”

Also confirming the attack, the police public relations officer in the state maintained that the number of casualties was still unknown.

He said, “We are aware there was an air strike around the Nasarawa and Benue borders today, but what we are not sure of is whether it was military forces or from other sources.”

“The state government has also confirmed the incident.” “The number of casualties has not been ascertained.”

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