Nigeria Will Be Debt-free, Every Child Will Go to School under My Presidency — Kwankwaso

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By Habib Sani Galadima


The New Nigeria Peoples Party’s (NNPP) presidential candidate Rabiu Kwankwaso promises that if he is elected, Nigeria will be debt-free and education will improve.



When Mr. Kwankwaso participated in the presidential debates held by the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) and the Nigeria Election Debate Group (NEDG) in Abuja, he made this statement.



He declared that the oil subsidy will also be eliminated because it did not help the average person.



”Palliatives will be created to ameliorate the plight of the poor so that it doesn’t create unnecessary hardship.



“I am committed to making Nigeria better. I will do an improved version of what I did in Kano in the nation when I become the president.



“A president must be somebody who is upright and that is the starting point, then it goes to your family, your friends and people around you.



“As long as you are not credible, as long as your hands are soiled, you don’t even have the moral right to say anything because all civil servants will take a cue from you .



“In a situation where your resources is coming only halfway and outlet is just there open for people in the National Assembly, civil service and public service people to take money that is most unfortunate and somebody has to stop it.



“The only way to stop it is having the right calibre of people; debt is unfortunate because people have no capacity to control spending and it’s human nature, if nobody is keeping eyes on you there is the tendency to steal.”



In addition to improving income and making sure that money is going to the correct locations, Mr. Kwankwaso promised to negotiate Nigeria’s debt payment.



Enhanced social amenities and the development of the infrastructure will result from this, he claimed.



”I will block all financial leakage and wastage, there is so much money in the country enough to carter for everything.”



He promised to meet union demands to put an end to strikes, enhance education under his supervision, and provide scholarships for young people.



“Education is the trademark of the Kwankwasiya movement, we stand for education that is our strength, there will be no dilapidated classroom .



“Every child will go to school and we will tackle out-of-school children. I will prioritise education and outrageous exam fee will be addressed.”


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