After Six Years of Darkness, Abba Gida – Gida Vows to Restore Lights on the Streets of Kano

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By Ismail Auwal



Fewdays after assuming office, Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, alias Abba Gida-Gida moved to restore lights to the state’s major roads.


According to information obtained by this reporter, the streetlights along major roads in the states stopped working over than six years ago.


However, in a fresh bid to re-light the state’s major roads the governor and other state government officials were sighted in the late hours of Tuesday and Wednesday supervising the repairs of the malfunctioning street lights.


Over the years, criminals in the state, mostly young people, have taken advantage of the conditions to lurk in the dark and rob the residents of their belongings, most notably cell phones.



Residents claim that it was after the street lights stopped working, phone snatching—recently referred to as robbery attacks—becomes more rampant.



In an interview Musa Khan, a journalist and State resident who recently had his phone snatched claimed that the criminals took advantage of the darkness along Kano roads caused by the malfunctioned streetlights.



He said, “I believe that fixing the street lights will lessen the threat of phone snatching in the state. In my case, the perps made sure that I was at a spot that was very dark before they struck.”


Sunusi Bature Dawakin Tofa, the governor’s chief press secretary, could not be reached for comment at the time this report was being written.

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