Rescuers Discover 9 Bodies in Flooded Tunnel in South Korea

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By Muhammadu Sabiu

Nine bodies have reportedly been discovered according to rescuers working to access vehicles trapped in a flooded tunnel near the city of Cheongiu in South Korea.

Passengers and drivers were trapped in their vehicles due to the flooding that resulted from the heavy rain pouring on roads for days.

There were at least 37 fatalities, as well as landslides, power outages, and other disasters.

According to the BBC, “The victims’ families say the deaths might have been prevented had the local authorities responded effectively.

“Several local media outlets reported that a few hours before the tragedy the river flood control office had issued a warning about the alarming water levels, and therefore the traffic around the tunnel area should have been diverted.”

Although the number of individuals trapped in the 685-metre-long sinkhole in Osong town is not yet known, it is believed that 15 automobiles have sunk.

Reports show that there are still nine people missing.

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