I went to Hell and Back-Jamie Foxx Speaks on His Health

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By Kasim Isa Muhammad

Jamie Foxx, the renowned American actor, recently shared an update on his health, revealing that he faced a challenging medical scare.

On his Instagram page, he candidly mentioned going through an ordeal that he never expected to encounter.

While shooting “Back in Action” alongside Cameron Diaz, Jamie was rushed to the hospital, but he chose not to disclose specific details about his health condition, wishing to keep that private.

In a heartfelt message, he expressed his gratitude to everyone who prayed and sent him messages during this difficult time.

He said, “The support I received played a notable role in my recovery journey. I didn’t want my fans and followers to witness me in such a vulnerable medical state, I preferred to be seen as the lively, humorous person they know me to be. Laughing, partying, and entertaining others are the versions of myself I wanted to share, not one hooked up to tubes, with uncertainty about his survival.”

At some point, rumours circulated about his condition, with some speculating that he was blind or paralyzed.

However, Jamie clarified that his eyes were perfectly fine, and he was not paralyzed. Despite the challenges, he expressed his gratitude to God and the exceptional medical professionals who helped him through this trying time.

He concluded with immense appreciation, he thanked his family for their support and praised their ability to keep the situation private and protected, while hoping that everyone going through similar moments can have the same level of care and support from their loved ones.

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