Ibori to Challenge Judgment of UK’s Highest Court

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By Isah Aliyu Chiroma

Former governor of Nigeria’s Delta state, James Ibori, who has been ordered by a court in London to hand over $130m (£100m), has said he will “take [his] fight for justice to the highest courts in the UK”.

Ibori released a statement on Twitter in anticipation of Friday’s court order.
saying “The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

“If that is true then I must be going mad because in over a decade since the British Courts have been persecuting myself and those close to me – I kept believing that justice and fairness would eventually triumph”.

Speaking about the judge, Ibori said “in the two years it has taken to write this judgment it seems apparent that he has forgotten many of the salient points and is prioritizing expediency over justice”.

Ibori was convicted in London in 2012 of fraud and money laundering. He is now back in Nigeria after serving some of his sentence in a British jail.

“In hearing after hearing through the years, despite some of the most logic defying rulings against me- I still believed. Despite clear evidence of police corruption against the main officer in my case (evidence so strong that it caused the lead prosecutor to resign from my case) I still believed. Despite a clear victory in my 2013 Confiscation hearing which left the Judge unable to make an order against me, only to have him rule that the prosecution should start the trial afresh some years later – I still believed”.

“The court’s ruling from Judge Tomlinson is difficult to comprehend and even harder to accept. I have to move past the fact that the British Courts found themselves competent to sit in Judgment over contracts awarded in Delta State for contracts that were legitimately awarded and completed. I have come to accept my fate despite the inability of the British prosecutors to show any evidence whatsoever of monies defrauded or indeed missing from Delta State”.

“Since 2005 the British Prosecutors have investigated my assets worldwide, they have had a restraint order in place on most of those assets and they are well aware that the total monetary value of those assets is nowhere close to the sums that were the subject of today’s Order. Notwithstanding the fact that many of the assets are not and have never been owned by me – it seems that if you are my friend and you allowed me to spend some holiday time in your house, then by this order I now own your home and must ask you to sell it to satisfy the Order”.

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