Flood Wrecks 100 Houses, Kills Animals in Gombe

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By Muhammadu Sabiu

Friday’s downpour in Gombe State has left residents in confusion as no fewer than 100 homes were destroyed with 500 people become homeless by the flood.

Reports say dozen of goats were also lost in the Dogon Ruwa settlement of the Kaltungo Local Government Area.

The village head, Aliyu Isah, stated that the animals included sheep and goats, adding that the rainstorm had a catastrophic effect on residents of the area.

Ishah, who also serves as the community’s Sa’in Dogon Ruwa, lamented that the LGA authorities were aware but had not yet taken any action.

“We, the Dogon Ruwa community, appeal to the state government to assist us. We need shelter and food. There will go a long way in addressing the immediate needs of those of us who are facing hardship. We have already complained to our LGA chairman.

“We lost about 15 sheep and goats. 100 houses were destroyed and 500 are currently homeless. The lack of adequate shelter has become a pressing concern for many of us, leaving families vulnerable and exposed to risks. Also, the scarcity of food resources further worsens our situation. The value of what was lost is in millions.” He appealed.

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