Each of 79 Schools in Misau Has Only One Teacher

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By Kasim Isa Muhammad

According to the Bauchi State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Director, Korijo Usman, 79 schools in Misau Local Government Area have only one teacher each, teaching all subjects.

The Director disclosed this while answering questions from journalists during a media dialogue organized by the United Nations Children Fund on the enrollment drive of out-of-school children in Misau and Alkaleri LGAs.

He said the situation is a result of inadequate teachers in the area, with some schools even having 150 to 250 pupils per teacher.

He added, “Misau Central Primary School, for instance, has 1,726 pupils with 24 teachers, resulting in a teacher-to-pupil ratio of 72 per class, which is better compared to some other schools.”

On his part, the Education Secretary of Misau Local Government Education Authority, Alhaji Abdu, mentioned that although there is a shortage of teachers in some schools, they manage by collaborating with the School-Based Management Committee (SBMC) to enlist volunteers.

Regarding the manpower issue, the Director of School Services, Korijo Umar, clarified that SUBEB is responsible for posting teachers to schools, but they don’t directly employ teachers.

He stressed the Teachers Service Commission collaborates with SUBEB to handle teacher employment, and SUBEB verifies the names and qualifications of the employed teachers.

TCR gathered that as part of the effort to address out-of-school children, 37 pupils were enrolled at Misau Central Primary School after the introduction of the “Teaching at the Right Level” system by SUBEB and UNICEF.

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