Sudan War: More Than 20 Million People Badly Hit By Serious Hunger

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By Muhammadu Sabiu

The war in Sudan has led to a serious hunger crisis that has devastatingly affected 20.3 million people.

This is contained in a statement released by the United Nations World Food Programme on Friday.

Eddie Rowe, the World Food Programme’s representative in Sudan, said out of the 46 million people who call the nation home, 6.3 million face a life-threatening lack of food.

According to Rowe, who spoke in a video report from Port Sudan, since violence broke out in April, the conflict has spread and it has been harder to get vital supplies to the populace.

He urged the parties to the crisis to make relief distribution easier.

Earlier, the WFP had, for the first time, been able to deliver food to the Chadian border state of West Darfur, which was particularly hard hit.

According to Rowe, the situation in West and Central Darfur is “catastrophic,” with most of the men in the communities in West Darfur either dead, hurt, or missing, leaving families to fend for themselves.

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