Explosion at Russian Fuel Station Claims 35 Lives

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By Kasim Isa Muhammad

An explosion rocked a fuel station in the remote Caucasus Republic of Dagestan, Russia, resulting in a massive fireball.

Reports indicate that 35 lives were lost, with 80 people sustaining injuries in the incident.

The Kremlin’s statement disclosed President Putin’s deep sympathy expressing hopes for a quick healing process for those impacted

“President Vladimir Putin extended his condolences to the affected families and friends, wishing a swift recovery for the victims.”

The emergency ministry shared images of burnt-out vehicles against the backdrop of the intense blaze, while rescue teams worked to control the fire and clear debris.

The blast occurred during maintenance work at a fuel station in the city of Makhachkala, triggering a fire and ultimately the explosion.

The regional Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case to uncover the circumstances leading to the tragic event, noting damage to nearby structures and vehicles.

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