Governor Inuwa Calls for Immediate Rehabilitation, Reconstruction of Gombe-Bauchi Road

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By Kasim Isa Muhammad

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya who also serves as Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum, has called upon the Federal Government to take swift and lasting action to resolve the persistent issue of collapsed bridges and road washouts along the Gombe-Bauchi road

The appeal was conveyed through a statement released by the Director General of Press Affairs, Ismail Uba Misilli.

In the statement, the Governor emphasized that these challenges have made the road unsafe and impassable for travelers in the North-Eastern region.

The Gombe-Bauchi road serves as a vital link connecting Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Taraba, and parts of Borno states.

During a recent inspection visit to the site of a road washout and collapsed bridge at Kalajanga in Kirfi Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Governor Inuwa underscored the crucial role this infrastructure plays in the socio-economic activities of the North East sub-region.

He likened the road to a vital artery, likening its importance to that of a blood vessel connecting essential regions.

Inuwa stressed that the road’s functionality is paramount to the economic activities of the people.

“Just as a break in an artery can disrupt blood and oxygen supply, a break in this road disrupts the functionality of the sub-region. It’s conceivable that the Governor of Bauchi has visited here, and soon you may see the Governors of Adamawa or Borno, given the road’s importance to the entire region,” he added.

He pointed up the necessity for a comprehensive rehabilitation and reconstruction effort, acknowledging that the road, which is nearly 50 years old, demands the construction of bridges and thorough restoration.

Governor Inuwa suggested that resorting to alternative routes is both costly and time-consuming, highlighting the urgency to expedite the repair work for seamless transportation across Northeastern states.

He said the road’s role in the socio-economic development of not just Gombe State but the entire region.

He attributed the road’s deteriorating condition to environmental factors and increased human activities.

Governor Inuwa shared that since assuming office, he has consistently pursued solutions for the road’s rehabilitation.

“I’ve engaged with the Ministry of Works multiple times in the past to bring attention to this issue and urge the Federal Government to take immediate action. Just yesterday, I spoke to the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Works about this.”

He described the situation as an emergency requiring prompt attention from the Federal Government, as the livelihoods of millions depend on the road.

TCR gathered that the Governor Inuwa committed to escalate the matter to the President, seeking a lasting solution.

While acknowledging the ongoing efforts by the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) and their endeavours to create a temporary walkway, expressing optimism that continuous work could reinstate road functionality in a matter of days.

Responding on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Works, Engr. Bitrus Dauda, a ministry representative overseeing the project, assured that they are making the road accessible and pushing for the construction of necessary bridges.

“We have already reported the condition of the road, especially the areas where large bridges are needed, to the Federal Ministry of Works. We are awaiting the design to commence construction.”

Additionally, Mr. Patrick Ikaba, the Sector Commandant of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Bauchi State, mentioned plans to install warning signs to prevent accidents and advised motorists to take alternative routes for safety reasons.

It could be recalled that the recent road washout incident occurred after heavy rainfall, leading to a flash flood that overwhelmed the existing bridge at the site.

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