Namadi Leads Delegation on Wheat Farming Study Tour to Ethiopia

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By Sabiu Abdullahi

Governor Mallam Umar Namadi of Jigawa State has embarked on a study tour to Ethiopia, accompanied by a high-level delegation that includes key aides on agricultural matters, officials, and professionals from the state’s Ministry of Agriculture and relevant agencies.

The primary objective of the visit is to study Ethiopia’s National Wheat Production Initiative and engage in a comprehensive experience-sharing program with Ethiopia’s top agricultural officials and experts to glean new insights and strategies for the wheat farming sector.

Wheat stands as the second-largest grain globally in terms of production volume and acreage, playing a crucial role in addressing food security challenges worldwide.

Ethiopia, having established itself as a prominent player in wheat production in Africa, has achieved notable successes in agricultural sustainability and productivity.

The study tour aims to achieve several key objectives, including assessing Ethiopia’s successful National Wheat Production Initiative and its associated benefits, facilitating knowledge exchange on wheat production systems and best practices, addressing challenges in sustainable wheat production, and bolstering collaboration between Ethiopia and Nigeria in adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

During the four-day official visit, the Jigawa delegation will focus on learning about both rain-fed and irrigated wheat production in various federal states of Ethiopia, as well as successful sustainable wheat production models, such as agricultural commercialization and farmer production clusters.

Jigawa State currently holds the distinction of being the foremost wheat producer in Nigeria, making a significant contribution to the nation’s agricultural sector and food security.

The study tour is anticipated to pave the way for new opportunities for the state and facilitate several critical outcomes to enhance sustainable wheat production.

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