Governors Reject N60,000 Minimum Wage

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By Kasim Isa Muhammad

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) has rejected the proposed N60,000 minimum wage, citing unsustainability and burden on state resources.

The NGF expressed sympathy with labour unions’ demands for higher wages but emphasized the need for a more practical approach.

Implementing the N60,000 minimum wage would lead to an unsustainable financial burden on many states, forcing them to allocate their entire federal allocations to salary payments, leaving no room for development projects.

According to the governors some states might even be compelled to borrow funds to meet their payroll obligations.

The NGF urged all parties involved, particularly laboir unions, to consider the socioeconomic factors and negotiate a sustainable, durable, and fair agreement.

Meanwhile, according to them, the hasty agreement might not be in the best interests of the country, including workers.

TCR reported that the NGF is advocating for a more thoughtful and realistic approach to minimum wage negotiations, balancing the needs of workers with the financial capabilities of state governments and the broader socioeconomic context.

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